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Reviews for "Falling Towards Death"

i felt like i wanted to bust somones fucken head !

right on dude this is wat trully i live for it got me pump i wanted to get up and throw shit and fuken urn stuff down !!!!! it rocked it needs a bad ass guitar solo lol but i loved it fucken yayaa devil horns for u

AngelsDontKill responds:

Haha, wow man, I can tell you're probably the kind of dude that spends a lot of time in the pit, huh? Haha. Thanks man!

Awesome in a box

Hey dude, this is the same elf of chaos from sheezyart. Pretty sweet job on this song man. i'm interestd to hear what vocals would sound like on this one. great job.

AngelsDontKill responds:

Hey man, it's cool to know someone else from Sheezy has checked up on me here. Thanks for the comment on this too, I really am excited to see how the vocals are going to turn out too, but I will post them on Sheezy once it's done too. Thanks again \m/

You badass motherfucker

I fucking love it.
Can't wait to hear this with vocals and shit again!
Great j0b man, Your quality kicks ass too.

What more can I say from one "punk motherfucker" to another! haha\m/

AngelsDontKill responds:

Hehe, yeah thanks! It's hopefully going to get a lot of people to crack up once it's done up with vocals though. I just realized I can't re-record it anymore though because I lost the original drum file and stuff, and the project was accidentally saved over by something else, so I will just stick with that to put vocals on, and begin working on another song to add bass to.

God damn!!!

Love it!!great,awesome,everything!!nice tone on the guitar and great riffs and well played! \m/ 5 from me my fellow metal friend!!

Thanks for your vote, Metalized! You voted 5 for Falling Towards Death, raising its score from 0.00 to 5.00.

AngelsDontKill responds:

Thank you very much man! Like I told the other guy who reviewed this, it will at some point possibly be re-recorded and hopefully played better and cleaner-sounding, with a bass guitar and vocals too. Thanks for listening and for the review!

This shrieks amazing

You've restored all my faith in modern death metal. The riffs just reek of awesome, the drumming actually riffs. Everything about this song is perfect, and of course vocals would work well with the song. The atmosphere is minimal but whatever's there is awesome.


AngelsDontKill responds:

Thank you very much man! I love a lot of different kinds of metal, and Death Metal is certainly one of them! I actually am thinking of re-recording this song and actually adding in a bass, which a friend just let me borrow. I also intend to have a friend add vocals to this, but it's likely to be a funny song rather than a serious one. This submition was mainly for anyone who was looking for something metal to throw into a flash. If anyone likes it, they are more than welcome to use it. But thanks again for listening man, and for the nice comment!