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Reviews for "James' Weird Little World!"

This feels like an Nickelodeon sitcom from the early 2000's, and I friggin' love it

Short, funny, magnificent and COMPLETELY HILLARIOUS! dis gud stuff u made mr. Muffin

I loved this so god damn much lmao.


I really like what you did with this. The voice acting was on point and conveyed what this was supposed to be parodying perfectly. The animation was really nice as well. I love all the cliche characters and all the (usually weird and dark) twists you gave them. I feel like the pacing was perfect for every reveal, like Dad's game and everything. Crishtella's name and her opening her eye when she thought the camera wouldn't catch her was great, too. That fakeout with Toe-B was awesome, too.
Great job. You really are talented!