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Reviews for "James' Weird Little World!"

The episode ends after the intro, need to see what happens between Toe-B and the Jamesworld people.

Was the joke that the intro was long? It's been done much better before. Still, I liked how wacky it was. It was nice to see another cartoon from you. I do like the name James. That was my grandfather's name!

The animation was nice. This was quite unpredictable. I can always like that. It was certainly weird. I can always appreciate that.


Good as always, but same as always, love your unique "free-style" style, but it gets old after a while, really looking for a well-plotted animation, as art is already on point.

And then theres Chunky...hes dead. But seriously the animation may not be frontpage quality but the humor is... I like it.
Update a few days later:I thought this was on best movies this month. Thats why i said that this may not be frontage quality animation. But its not and so i think it deserves its spot animation wise.
Sorry for the stuff i said.