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Reviews for "Deep Down"

Actually a pretty enjoyable game. Good music, nice graphics and solid controls. Could have been more challenging, but it was ok.

One small thing. There were hints before each level. At one occurrence, I wanted to read it, but it is only visible when you visit a stage first time. Make it so that it is visible when you respawn.

nyunesu responds:

yay, glad you liked it.

they were not tips, just the name and number of the level, but thanks for your suggestion, I will make them last longer in case of needing an update

Very well made and very fun game. Nothing special in terms of platforming and the level design is too simple in my opinion. Takes like 5 minutes to run through the game. Lvl27 was brutal though.

nyunesu responds:

Hey Dhall,

Thanks for your feedback (:
What are the platformers you consider to have the bests level design? I'm willing to make the game as better as I can, so it would be great to play and get some inspiration

Not bad. Very smooth control. I like the cheery music. Quite difficult, but doable.

Pretty entertaining platformer you have there!

The mechanics aren't that innovative but its fun levels compensate for it. Another thing to point out is the funky chiptune music which is a key factor to the entertainment value.
Finally, to keep it short, although generic it was a game that was worthy of my 20 min of time.

This is cute, short, and fun. The chiptune soundtrack is awesome, and the graphics are not bad.

This entire game consists of navigating small platforming levels to reach a goal while avoiding obstacles and projectiles. Pretty basic, but it works. It works because the level design is straight-forward, fair, not repetitive, and alternates between encouraging us to go fast and forcing us to be more careful, creating a nice sense of pacing.

So, basically, this game combines a simple concept with competent level design, and the end result is a really fun series of small levels. The levels are easy (not trivial, but easy) and the concept is not the most original, but it's still a fun game while it lasts, so give it a go if you have a few minutes to spare. Damn, that music is good.