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Reviews for "Deep Down"

Game is so Fun. Art Style is good. I Love the Music. Never had this much fun since Super Dangerous Dungeons or Pause Ahead. Idk why but while playing level 10, i suddenly had an impression that the gameplay and setting would be a make a good metroidvania game. Movements and Controls are very Smooth. The Music is really nice. Did you make it? May I ask you to post it if you did? And may I also ask what software did you use?

nyunesu responds:

hey, the music was not made by me.
the composer is really great tho (http://moppysound.seesaa.net/)

Nicely made. Sweet graphics and the music is cool. It kinda encourages speed running, so why not add a timer?

Very well made, yet it gets too hard too fast

Fun and simple.

good game but how dare you leave it on a cliffhanger like that lol