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Reviews for "Deep Down"

great game, it has great music and a good challenge

This game is great! It's my favourite game of yours so far (date: 25.4.2019). All the details, like the idle animation, titles of the levels ("would you like to play a game?" especially ^^) are really charming. Nice level design + cool retro-styled graphics and character = really good game. I'm hoping you make more games like this. This game was a blast, and if I could, I would give it an extra star :3
Rating: 6/5

i liked it a lot, it was challenging, fastpaced, and in overall you could feel the pressure and the sense of achievement in every room of the game. all of that litteraly made me yell "DEEP DOWN!" when i obtained the last gem.

Cool game!
Smoothly animated, nice graphics.

The music is awesome! Where can I listen to it?

Nice level design! I've enjoyed it!