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Reviews for "Deep Down"

I like it. For the first few levels, I was thinking, "I'm so tired of 'avoid the spikes' platformers," but the solid control and competent level design kept me interested, and I enjoyed playing until the end. Also, I kind of want to thank you for for not making the ice level slippy and slidey. After 30+ years of playing games, I've decide that slippery ice levels are one of the worst platform mechanics ever.

The ending screen went by too quickly, and I think it's a cliffhanger? No Victory message, no "You Win!" It would be nice to see a little more. It also might be nice to see a more detailed background. Nothing complex, just enough to deepen the mood a bit. 8-bit music is great.


good game, and really good level design, (^-^)b

Actually a pretty enjoyable game. Good music, nice graphics and solid controls. Could have been more challenging, but it was ok.

One small thing. There were hints before each level. At one occurrence, I wanted to read it, but it is only visible when you visit a stage first time. Make it so that it is visible when you respawn.

nyunesu responds:

yay, glad you liked it.

they were not tips, just the name and number of the level, but thanks for your suggestion, I will make them last longer in case of needing an update

This game is fun! (Jeezus level 30 is tricky)
I hope this gets frontpaged :)

Edit: Oh, it got frontpaged!

Awesome platformer here