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Reviews for "Deep Down"

Great game! When I got to the "Ice" levels I thought to myself "oh s**t there's going to be a run-from-the-wall level but with saws!" but that level never came. :(
I think you could mix up these "dangers" even more to get some new challenges (maybe even on the existing maps). Don't be afraid to make it even more difficult since there are probably many players like me out there, that just love the hard games in the style of "extra-fleshy-male-child".
Otherwise the controls are spot on, everything works, just awesome!

i liked it a lot, it was challenging, fastpaced, and in overall you could feel the pressure and the sense of achievement in every room of the game. all of that litteraly made me yell "DEEP DOWN!" when i obtained the last gem.

Although i dont play these types of 2d platformers often but this one is really good so you should try it to :3

The controls, art, and sound are all spot-on honestly. I really liked how each level took simple concepts and really explored each one fully (like jump height, saw cycles, etc), and also how the final levels of each "world" were like a test of all you learned. The other cool thing about those levels is how they kind of foreshadow the look of the next area which was a neat spin on the usual fare. The difficulty was very nice, and never really felt frustrating or unfair, but also wasn't too easy. It scaled nicely from beginning to end as well.

If I were to critique anything, it'd be the lack of some sort of time attack component, even something as simple as a par time for each level, or a "time taken" screen at the end of the game to reward finesse, and perhaps not relying as much on low ceilings for challenge (but given the short length, they didn't really become egregious, this is more a suggestion for something long-form).

Sorry for the essay, I like being thorough with these. Keep it up! This is really great!

nyunesu responds:

thank you for your critique, it is really appreciated! (:

i'm happy you've enjoyed the game

nice hop and bop