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Reviews for "Deep Down"

I loved it!
The graphics are nice, and the control are super-tight (no character slipping, no delay in jumping, etc.), which is an important feature that many people give for granted.
Nice job! Hope to see more from you!

When I first saw this game on the front page I misread the name for "Deep Brown: seeking gems from another dimension." I have to tell you I am glad you didn't post any material for the mature section of this website.

good platforming, catchy music, creative and appropriately challenging levels! nice to see a solid platformer thats just generally fun to play. love to see more!

Great game sooooooooooooooooo good
music is fantastic :D

Loved it. It's short, sweet, sports solid level design and some nice visuals. The slime controls pretty well for the most part and while the game gave me a pretty good challenge, it was a lot of fun having to precise my jumps and collecting those gems. Great work!