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Reviews for "Deep Down"

I love that game, IT'S SOOO CUUUUUUUUUTE ;w; <3 :3

Lovely little game.
Challenging and clever camera work when looking at the end stage first before starting. Makes us see whats going on.
The controls are nice, it didn't feel sticky, the grace period really helped and the fact that you can hope en platform by sliding onto them even if you didn't jump high enough is satisfying.
That helps a lot.

Long levels are also very punitive, when you lose, well start over, but it gets it charms.
Well done :)

Surprised me how such a simple platformer could be so spot on - music brought back childhood memories, level design was great and jumping mechanics/physics are legit!
Had a lot of fun.

Great soundtrack, great game, and a great experience. I see a lot of potential in this project.

- From one developer to another, well done!!!

This game was PERFECT in every way!! I had a lot of fun playing it - challenging but not rage-quit hard. Thank you so much for sharing your work!!!