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Reviews for "Deep Down"

pretty cool, but I found it a bit easy. I wish it could've had more levels. All in all a great short game, pretty fun to play in general.

This is a cool little game. You can beat it in under 15 minutes. The difficulty is hard but not raging hard. Music is good. Looks good. I would just suggest adding more levels and level variation. While playing this, I felt like I was doing some of the same stuff. If I remember correctly, one of the levels is basically the first level. But overall, well done.
I actually made a video playing it:

frikkin epic

Game was simple, but very entertaining. The little slime is adorable as well.
I do say though, this game feels very well made. It's not janky with the controls and the camera work is also extremely clever.
Kudos to you, game creator.
A job very well done.

Beautiful little game, controls were tight, and camera was nice. Levels were simple but satisfying. Only complaint is the lack of music during the levels.