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Reviews for "Deep Down"

Cool game!
Smoothly animated, nice graphics.

The music is awesome! Where can I listen to it?

I agree almost everybody says about how hard this game. I am having so much fun even though I am dying continuously,m probably some are puzzle base or I am trying to beat the level fastest as I can. I don't know if you are okay with this suggestion, but if you make this a full series. I want to have a custom level design, so I can make my own levels and if you can we can share it in one platform except for Newgrounds. I know my suggestion might be hard for you, but at least you know what I/we want to get if you continue making this type of game. GOOD LUCK!

Great game! Challenging, but not too hard, and definitely fair. It would be cool if you had a few more brutal bonus levels at the end... but what's here is fantastic. Effective sound design and fun music that really gets you going.

love it!

Nice music, responsive controls, straight forward gameplay, progressive difficulty. It could have more levels, with more enemies and challenges, but it's pretty alright overall.