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Reviews for "Deep Down"

I really liked this game because I'm a sucker for pixel art, but the levels are really diverse and obviously spent time on it. No complaints and can't wait for more games like this!

my style of game

Deep Down is a cavern-platformer about going through different dimensions to snag gems, each one deeper underground than the last. The game doesn't really bring anything new to the table, but there's a lot of effort put in.
The final level is also a doozy, mixing in elements from previous levels. Maybe create some new mechanic-inducing items, like something letting you swing.

Tl;dr - Good timekiller, but nothing too new. Level pieces mix well together.

Challenging at times, cute main character, boppin' music...I love it!

level 5 got me good and it is very difficult but fun and love the music