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Reviews for "Deep Down"

dude! nice game, i need more levels TnT

So far this is an awesome and fun game, with solid controls that makes you want to finish just one more level before calling it quits. But I found a bug: In level 20, if you take the road that goes down and cross the chasm with disseapering blocks and spikes, the last spike just beside the jump blocks and sawblades doesn´t kill you. You can stand there without getting harmed. I don´t know if there are others spikes without the "harming property" on, but I found it purely by mistake. I hope you can fix that. Nonetheless, great work on this game :D I like it very much.

nyunesu responds:

Thanks for spotting it!

This is great, the controls are smooth and "pixel perfect" tower runs are super satisfying. 5/5

My fingers are aching

super coool!!!