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Reviews for "Hungry Vampire"

so Dark piccolo got laid in a costume party nice!

Heh, a little early for the Month of Mischief, eh?
I can only guess she's gonna bite him and turn him into her servant, no doubt his last day of human pleasure. What a kind lady, you might become a mindless slave for the rest of your existence but at least you got some good head. At least, if I died getting head, I'd be okay with it. Solid work.

Wait, isn't he a vampire too? How come we can see him.....but good shit tho.

DeepStroke responds:

Maybe I should have posted the story behind this :P. Yep, that guy is just disguised as a vampire, and he thinks that she is disguised too ^^. Thanks for the comment

too damn short, which saddens me, because it's amazing