Reviews for "Madness Bodyless 4"

another generic collab,but now with theme
alot is good and some it bad,overall enjoyable
i dont got much to said here so yea
7.5/10 head on action

This is pretty cool, an improvement compared to the previous bodyless collabs.

Though some WW2 themed clips uses modern day weapons which doesn't really look aesthetically fitting to the theme (yes, I know there are non-WW2 themed clips, in the collab, and they're okay). And its pretty sad that no one remembers the pacific theater of WW2 with the japanese, since its like half of the entire war

But I am very glad some of the clips here uses my weapon sprites.

It's alright. Some of the parts were really good (like Zapchons <3) and some were eh. Cant say I wasn't entertained.

The general movement and combat for the animation doesn’t seem to flow well for some animators, appearing choppy at some instances.

Oh look! (Said someone smart). This madness animation style is a great way to learn how to animate in general, it's simple and straight forward enough that anyone can easily get into it, looks cool as is, and yet has great potential if someone is willing to harness it.
Simple, yet elegant.

Oh hey yeah... (said someone else) Lets take one more step back.

This might as well be a test collab. Which is to say that it shouldn't exist.
I saw some people with potential here... i think. It's hard to say. I would rather see people have a go at a "proper" action and animation scenes in the standard MC style, it would've been much more telling of their skill at animation.

Sorry for being such an ass.