Reviews for "Madness Bodyless 4"

I never thought I would see this collab again.

Dat Smoothness <3

"I don't need a body to kick some ass."

5:57 that soviet madness reference made my day ;p

Oh look! (Said someone smart). This madness animation style is a great way to learn how to animate in general, it's simple and straight forward enough that anyone can easily get into it, looks cool as is, and yet has great potential if someone is willing to harness it.
Simple, yet elegant.

Oh hey yeah... (said someone else) Lets take one more step back.

This might as well be a test collab. Which is to say that it shouldn't exist.
I saw some people with potential here... i think. It's hard to say. I would rather see people have a go at a "proper" action and animation scenes in the standard MC style, it would've been much more telling of their skill at animation.

Sorry for being such an ass.