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Reviews for "Madness Frankfurterfication"

good times comes to my head

This gives me memories of a madness animation long ago, i dont remember what it was called, but a man in a hot dog suit massacred an AAHW Base to get to one civilian who didn't pay for his hot dog. Thanks for triggering my nostalgia.

At the start the animation was a little "Fast" "Sketchy" But near the end it got really good

I love how there is a poster wrote in "you reap what you sow" when the final scene happens, he killed everyone in the building, and their deaths resulted in he dying too, pretty philosophical...

What i also like about these animations is that people can recreate the style of the original animations in a pretty good way, and i know it takes a LOT of time, so gj!

Somewhere in... hey, a new place! :D Just that little bit with the intro's worth a mention, and everything after that was a blast to follow. The action's all overly energetic and jumpy, but unintentional or no it's a fun style, and I'd like to think it's a bit of a homage to the earliest days of the franchise, which were, unlike now: just good ol' fun. No darkness. No complications. Just foodstuff and fighting all the way through, with a surplus of weaponry and enemy variation that built up with time. Takes me back to origins this one! Nice work.

Well maybe there is a little darkness too... but great stuff nevertheless.