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Reviews for "Paradigmadness 2"

dude this is just incredible

It's neat to see a collab with actual story instead of just a bunch of unrelated animations.

So what are those one-eyed guys supposed to be anyways? Aliens? Mutants?

Jsoull responds:

They were Lab experiments created by the villain In Rebooting the Madness, Alpha Nuva planned for this to be shown in RT3 but it never came to be.

This is probably the best collab I had seen

Well I don't see a lot but, I think this is the only one I wouldn't mind watching again (I usually don't watch things again)

finally, after all these years and is better than i expected.... also, i really like this Spiral-thing demon of Jsoull hahah original

I can't help but call this

Die Hard X (The literal title, not the popular movie)

Apsolutely stunning

GabrielBarsch responds:

i couldn't agree more