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Reviews for "Paradigmadness 2"

My dream fell down today, heres why. Animation was on point for all the animators, sadly, most of the transition were not coherent (Different type of animation, sprites, camera movement, BACKGROUNDS, etc). I felt like the background changed too much, some good, some not original at all. The biggest let down, paradigmadness 2 shouldnt had been a filler, but more something that went directly in the story. I appreciate the effort from all, but in my opinion, the story wasnt respected (reason I left). I felt the same lack as any other madness movie nowadays, originality. Paradigmadness and Rebooting the madness are both my favorite animations of all times, but like I said, this collab didnt really care about the story in general. The ambiance is really whats missing here. Paradigmadness always felt like a mystery was going on. Here? No mystery at all, just another collab with the brand <Paradigmadness>. Another point that bothers me is the complete lack of old animators from the original movie, I know its hard to find them, but I dont think its appropriate to make a movie without them. Therefore my final note for this project is 5/10.

Jsoull responds:

I'm sorry that you didn't enjoy the project, but many of your points don't make any logical sense. In regards to not having any of the original animators on the team, I actually contacted nearly all of them, Viri, Tr3y0, Dimb, ect, but all of them said that they were done with animation. Whether or not they had the ability to work for the collab is something completely outside of my control. Secondly, your point of "Coherence" also holds no water. Each scene in Paradig 1 looked drastically different than the last, with backgrounds and characters changing styles completely. If anything, this collab is far more visually uniform than Paradig 1, due to almost all members adopting a shared shading/sprite style. In terms of the story, I don't really understand what you mean. Paradig 1 / RTM were never really pushed for much of a story, Alpha himself approved Paradig 2's sequencing, so I would't say I'm being "Unfaithful" to the original.


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