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Reviews for "Paradigmadness 2"


Pretty nice

I think this is one of the best collars I’ve seen in a while, great job especially to Kota and Awez

Yeah, this was freaking awesome. It's probably the longest Madness flash ever made. I like it that way! It's great to have long stuff because it has to keep your interest as long as possible. It's so hard to pick a favorite part. I was afraid the credits would go on forever.

It showed deleted scenes instead! That or unfinished scenes. It's easily the best submission for Madness Day 2018. I'm glad for it to be the first submission here that I gave a perfect score to with this new rating system. It certainly deserves it! Happy Madness Day and thanks for keeping the spirit of the series alive!

i loved the quality and the detail you put in athe animation i also loved the constant switch of characters along with the music being set perfectly for this entire scene keep it up and i hope to see you more in the future