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Reviews for "Paradigmadness 2"

My first question: HOW THE HECK IS HE STILL ALIVE??

GabrielBarsch responds:

good question

I love this one it has guns bullets and melee weapons blood and gore and I like how your crew made their own charecters btw jsoull you are awesome and your crew I am following your crew you jsoull I found a little easter egg one of the 1 eyed dudes was on newgrounds.

My Favorite MC Collab :)

Boring ):( 🖕🖕

ShootDaCheese responds:

Sad face :(

Cethic responds:

Go pick your boogers and fart.

Swffr responds:


Matter-of-time-DZ responds:

fuck you 1 you useless shit ass view quantity this is fucking hitler and dumb go rape dominos


Awesome job.