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Reviews for "Paradigmadness 2"

Are the gun sounds from counterstrike?

fantastic job guys so awesome :D

This is what a high-profile collab looks like. Not a single sub-par animator in the bunch. Cryono77's music was great and all the animation was fantastic. I loved the theme and concept, and you guys had some awesome character ideas and designs. i loved Kryy's regenerating guy and Kryy's whole part was awesome, with some great blood and gore. I loved that frontflip slice. Jsoull had cool kills too, and I liked the occult stuff with the skeletons and the transformed character. It's cool how it kept showing up throughout the collab That 3D part was sick too. It was action-packed and fast-paced, and even managed to have an interesting character and story. It was well animated, too. Just didn't have the most detailed models, but whatever. The tactics used in that part were also great with the distraction at the start. Like I said before, I really love the concept of all these characters sacrificing themselves and working together like a perfect machine to retrieve this package. Awez' part was an awesome action introduction. The gore had such a feeling of weight and metallicness kind of. It was so unbelievably satisfying. Then the next part was OK, I liked the way the big guy got killed and how the character ricocheted the package. Gabriel Barsch's animation style is clearly different in the way the characters move, but it was still pretty enjoyable. It's all about wackiness with him. He had some satisfying kills too, like the guys who got blown up with bombs and the guy who got a big shot to the back of the head. I also really liked all the details he incorporated into the background. Speaking of backgrounds, they were great. I loved all the original posters and things. Cethic's background in particular I found really cool. Cethic's whole part was really cool. The kills were great and, like I said, the background. The character was also really cool. SM28 had some great camera movements and really satisfying kills. The person who came after him (y u no signature bro) had a pretty cool idea with the bullets and over-the-top gun acrobatics. The character's 70s cheesy look was also nice and fit the aforementioned gun acrobatics. Kota1337's part was cool too, well animated, fast-paced and had some great kills. That end part had awesome animation, and I really like the colors and reveal, especially with the poster in the previous room. Sentry Turbo's part was very nice, too, alsos had some awesome kills. Spots' part had a cool character with the X-Ray vision and a couple cool kills and gore. Mekeek's part was just not that interesting. I liked the style and it was well animated, but nothing extraordinary. The kills were pretty satisfying and I liked the tactics used, but there wasn't anything particularly standout. mostly just repetitive shooting. The intro had a cool style, but wasn't well animated. The unused and unfinished scenes and other extras were pretty entertaining too. I actually really liked Kota's White Hank stuff.
Overall, an amazing collab, lived up to all the hype. I can't take off more than half a star for the less good parts, there was so much good in there. Happy belated Madness Day!


dem, this is cool, though I heard many controversies and drama that happened during the development of this collab, the end product is actually good, in fact its better than expected.

This is one of the few Madness day submissions that almost makes me want to go back to madness.