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Reviews for "Paradigmadness 2"

Some smooth ass animation boys, the 3D section was a little boring to watch but other than that you guys are killing it

IDK, guys, for me it's all in the same key, I expected much more ;c

kokkare responds:

now i can say u fag

"The package must make it to leader"

The original Paradigmadness II was never completed, BUT this one is a really GREAT sequel. It was nice to see my man Seeker's adventures once again. You guys did a great job, absolutely loved it.

Happy Madness Day!

Well my most asociation is WathDog2 oline gaming - same dfeath trip around an pakage.
Other idea was "Big white Minions adventure" :)
Good show with some interesting ideas and details. Special liked Cethic and GabrielBarsch parts.
Tooth brushing just great!
Disliked that moment when pakage was droped to mountains and blasted 8()

Very good collab, this project needs much coordination! I'm sure you have worked hard and meet between you many times to preform this. It has a nice result btw.