Reviews for "Gum Adventures"

Not bad at all. I enjoyed the level design and the simplistic nature of the game. It was pretty straightforward but fun. The music wasn't the best, but the game was enjoyable enough to overlook that. Good job!

The music isn't that bad, but you need to turn it down or it will pierce your ears like needles. You move a bit too slowly, and you should be able to jump quicker. Dying is a bit slow too, as opposed to say World's Hardest game, where you respawn instantly after dying. Still though, it's a solid game with a good art style. Just a bit short.

get creative with the music, though everything else is well made and FUN

Not bad, but felt waaay to slow for me, especially since all the levels design was based on timing. all of the character animations seemed like slow motion. VVVVVV was lightning fast and made dying and retrying hundreds of times way more tolerable

This is a solid but overall uninteresting game. The "gravity switching" premise is interesting even if it's not entirely unique. The controls are simple, although at times they can feel very sluggish. The graphics are simple, cute, and overall aesthetically pleasing. The music is fairly bad. It's not the worst thing to grace my ears (at least there's some notes here and there), but the constant piercing tones make me incredibly grateful for the mute button. All that being said, for a simple yet difficult puzzle platformer, this isn't the best effort out there, but it's a decent one.

I think the best way to improve upon what you have now would be to try and give the game a smoother, faster flow. As it stands, the game feels incredibly slow. If you can find a way to speed it up a bit while still keeping the difficulty balanced, throw in a bit more color, and change the music, you could potentially make a really good game out of this idea.

P.S. Should you choose to continue working on this game, make sure that you don't just make a poor man's VVVVVV.