Reviews for "Gum Adventures"

Very well made game! Animation is fluid, I like that you can move on the ceiling, but the only small problem I have with it is that the music is a bit lackluster. Other than that, a solid game to play on your freetime!

Neat concept. Would be great if you could move directions while jumping.

I love the way this game is so simple yet so nice and clean.
The design is great and I love the colors used, I also like the animations and how fluid everything goes.
Some of the things I do not like is that it is very slow and it takes a long time to get through a level because of this, also I noticed that your data in this game downloads into your computer, for me it is no problem but I would prefer if it didnt do that.

I hope for you the best game development, keep it going!
PD: Also keep working on the music

Great game !
The level design is really good, and the sprites are cute. The music is a bit repetitive but it's ok, some moment are really frustrating, like when you get the flag you need to stay alive 2 secondes otherwise you need to restart. Also when you die it takes too much time to restart, for a game where you die a lot it's really boring.
Anyway well done !

Some interesting mechanics. You should work on some of your puzzles a bit; a few later ones were too easy for their place.