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Reviews for "Gum Adventures"

That was pretty good, though levels 13 is harder than level 14.

I had lots of fun playing this. The platforming really reminds me of VVVVVV (which isn't a bad thing). However I do have some issues such as having to wait a couple seconds after completing the level, it's still possible to die or and the gameplay being slow at times. I'm not sure if it's my keyboard but the space button doesn't respond a jumping command for me. The music is calm and fits the tone of the game, though it can get repetitive. The levels are an enjoyment and can get really creative such as level 12, my favorite. Overall, a fun little game that I think anyone can pick up and play but it does have its flaws.

NoaDev responds:

Oh, i forgot to change the "space" button in the description. Thanks for the info.

Not bad, but I couldn't get it to work on Chrome, Safari or Firefox on a MacBook running El Capitan. Chrome and Safari load the game but didn'trespond to clicking so you couldn't start. Firefox showed a black screen. I ended up having to use Opera. All browsers and Flash are latest versions.
The game itself is quite good but feels a bit unresponsive at times. level design is interesting and creative.

NoaDev responds:

Thanks for the info.

Pretty good one! I liked it!

Not bad, but felt waaay to slow for me, especially since all the levels design was based on timing. all of the character animations seemed like slow motion. VVVVVV was lightning fast and made dying and retrying hundreds of times way more tolerable