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Reviews for "Gum Adventures"

I love the way this game is so simple yet so nice and clean.
The design is great and I love the colors used, I also like the animations and how fluid everything goes.
Some of the things I do not like is that it is very slow and it takes a long time to get through a level because of this, also I noticed that your data in this game downloads into your computer, for me it is no problem but I would prefer if it didnt do that.

I hope for you the best game development, keep it going!
PD: Also keep working on the music

Everything in this game feels. really. slow. That may have been the point but I don't really think it works for this. It's kinda sluggish. The music was also hard to listen to, I had to mute my tab once I got to the third level, but keep working on it!
Would definitely play a more developed sequel of this

The music isn't that bad, but you need to turn it down or it will pierce your ears like needles. You move a bit too slowly, and you should be able to jump quicker. Dying is a bit slow too, as opposed to say World's Hardest game, where you respawn instantly after dying. Still though, it's a solid game with a good art style. Just a bit short.

Pretty good.
The levels were very good, they all felt fair. I just wish everything (including the character) was a tad faster. The sticky walking noise and the sharp music also became a bit annoying after a while. Despite those issues I really enjoyed this game.

its allright, I like slow