Reviews for "Madness: Sierra Nevada DEMO"

A few minutes in and I already love it, holy shit.

If possible, you mind if you can put the controls somewhere in the game/description? Would be super useful to have all that laid out instead of cluelessly guessing.

HeavyBro responds:

Thanks! Yea, it's my bad about not giving controls. I'll put it on description! Also I think the games need some patches. Because I don't think medals work

How do I kill those zombie-looking enemies in the final room?

HeavyBro responds:

Shoot them


Enemies can run at you if you stand in the doorway and you can slice em to death without moving
and you can stab through walls

but 10/10 best demo I've ever played

I finally beat the first level and damn it was hard!! This game was pretty fun please make more levels.