Reviews for "Madness: Sierra Nevada DEMO"

Infinitely better than the other madness hotline miami game on newgrounds.

great! great game! both of my favorites in one game!

Always love seeing what new Madness is around the corner.

I really like the fast-paced nature of going through each room and seeing different ways to take on each set of opponents. The guns rarely seem to be worth going for when the melee has superior AoE, but it kept me running around and changing weapons to see all the different animations and styles therein. When I got to the zombies I liked that they weren't EZPZ with melee, and you had to run away and gun em' down carefully.

Other than a few bugs you already highlighted, the game seems like it's going to be really solid once it's ready to go. The finishers are an awesome touch, I felt like I had to work for them after the first poor bastard; although, it just made it that much more fun. I was secretly hoping we could throw different melee weapons to kill off guys, but that's just more of a Hank being a bad-ass thing than anything else. Throwing the weapon to stun guys, and then execute them was a blast though.

Looking forward to the final release sir, 5/5


yes! i can totally agree with you, Heavy has done such an amazing job building this game, and we promise you there's gonna be more. i'm really happy everyone is enjoying it.
*this game was inspired off of Hotline Miami and i really recommend you watch some gameplay of that. also, the "zombies" are actually G03LMs without armour which appear in Project Nexus 2.*

WireFramer best friend so I instantly vote 5 stars. Nah nah seriously though this has great potential!

i loved hotline miami,completed both parts,sadly,my pc can't run this game smoothly,but i can see its a lot easier than HM.