Reviews for "Little Flame"

Very smooth melody that gets stuck in my head for hours. The way it changes the melody on the bridge using the same instruments is great. There are countless aspects you can call out to point out this is good. One thing I don't like, the bass/dubstep instruments at 1:06-1:28 and 2:39-3:00 don't fit with the song at all whatsoever disrupting the overall vibe in the song. Other than that, this is beautiful and definitely adding this to my playlist. Tecrin approves! <3

Beautiful melody indeed. Such good chord progressions. The only thing that doesn't match here is that the bass portion of the drop doesn't really quite match the overall melodic track. I also like the bridge before the buildup of the second drop, definitely matches the symbolism of the track.

Forgot I never left a review on this. But I shall give my input on it. The tune is absolutely legendary, which most songs these days don't have. Most songs just repeat the same 4 notes over again. I absolutely love how some parts of the music climaxed and dropped. This is way better than all Xtrullor songs combined. Now why did I forget to review and favorite this till now? When I found out about this song, I started work on a GD level using this song, which I eventually gave up on which happened I believe 7 months ago or 5. But I am making a new level. It's much better than the one I worked on before. Never left a true review on this song, which was a huge mistake. 5 stars for you, Amazing Lethalix. Wait, from now on, I'm gonna call you Amazing Lethalix from now on. Continue on your amazing journey, for we shall follow along. Love you. ♡.


I love it!
I do think that some parts were a bit random and didn't fit with the feel of the song such as the random dubsteppy snippets, but overall, great song!

Awesome! I love everything anout it :)

KamillasRainbow responds:

Thanks! Glad you liked it :)