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Good shit.

This is high quality madness. A little bit too many scenes where the enemies just conveniently missed, but on overall the action and humor were great. I liked the characters who deus exed to help our protagonist. The second one was Conor McGregor? Didn't recognize the first one. Fun movie.

it cool

I was talking with a Steam friend when I realized that it was September 22nd. He hadn't heard of Madness Combat before, and he said after looking it up that it didn't really look like "the satisfying kind of violent". I'm tempted to send this to him to try and dispel that myth. The simple plot and fluid motion are good, but the sound effects and brutal combat really set this as a quality flick. Just the simple crunch sound effects and the loud gunshots made every death a joy. Also, the music was pretty good and the ending had me laughing.

Well Janer my boy, some people may hate you for your past sins, but truth be told, I don't really care, your work is still ace!