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I don't review a Madness movie for a while, but I felt I needed to this time.
The action scenes were very enjoyable, the jokes and "acting" are great, especially in the start and the end (btw, superb ending), the music hasn't heavy beats and fits well with the way the animation goes, the lightblue agent scene was very great, sadly it ended with "someone appears from nowhere and kills the man... AND the scene aswell", and last but not least, no "convenient" kills (like an agent aiming at you but instead of shooting he waits the protagonist to fire first)... ok, there were some agents that waited to appear in the scene to act at 3:37, but wasn't so bad.
Congrats to everyone for this great piece, and keep up the good job! Congrats, Djjaner ;)

I loved how crazy and over the top this was. Been a long time since I have seen an animation with this much passion. Keep up the good work!

Pretty good.

i love the ending

2/10 Not enough memes

Still this is well done and I hope you do well