Reviews for "CHASW.fla"

Short, but atmospheric and smooth to the extreme. Nice job.

Unbiased I can say the animation is good and the more detailed work on the other place is interesting, but that doesn't change the fact you ripped the dark toned agents with messed up teeth from my (still in production) short without asking.

The length is barely a minute only because of the intro and outro title and the music is super super quiet.

It's alright. It's not outstanding, but it's alright.

Great animation, only, you used Cethic's sprites without his consent. Also, work on the quality on the cracks, there should be more thin lines and more spread apart. Details would be appreciated in the animation. Work on the shading and lines for the rock island, it looks too bland. Remember to add some light and tones to add more depth into the figures.

Decent animation and a nice background, but rather short.

Also, you could have at least asked Cethic if it was okay to use his sprites, but you decided it would be fine to not ask and shoot his motivation straight into the ground. C'mon, you don't need to do the .fla stuff that everyone is doing to stay relevant, come up with original ideas instead of blatantly ripping from someone else.

REALLY sucks this is so damn short.... right when it was just GETTING started too... whole thing ain't bad actually, what REALLY struct me was the backround, the lightning with the glowing clouds was fuckin badass, i guess the overused "portals with shit commin outt've em" is Ok too