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Reviews for "Yes, Papa."

I love how over-the-top the facial expressions are. The animation is great, too, and I loved the stuff like Johnny being a "cute baby". The voice acting was on point, too. And what was that walk at the very end there XD !? Favorite part has to be Papa's face when Johnny reveals his power. Great job, this was really funny even though I probably don't get the references.

Ah yes, unexpected anime is the best kind of anime after all.

we need more jojo references in the world. and this is a helluva good place to start

sequel but with the other side characters like the pink fridge?!?>!

Lol, that escalated quickly! Them JoJokes are on point xD... This must be the work of a stand called [GoOd NeWgRoUnDs AnImAtIoN]!!! :^)
Overall, this really surprised me with its twist and that humor xD Awesome art style as well! ;)
The subtle glow/laser effects were also noticeable and I appreciate the work you did.

Hoping to find more refreshing and entertaining anime-referencing animations on your page ^_^