Reviews for "Chickaboom"

Physics are broken. Very often the damn chicken will throw it's self downward stopping all forward momentum. The controls are unreliable and often not very responsive. The weirdest thing is that it almost feels like there is a wind trying to push against the chicken.

this has potential i wont lie to you, it needs improving this wasn't ready to be released im only saying this because i care about people getting better an succeeding in life, its fun dont get me wrong but its not fully done their are some points where i noticed that its not ready, please if you make another game test, go through it a bunch of times and then release to the world you beautiful butterfly

Newgrounds went down so I lost all my progress I was lvl 9. Not fair. You know how much I sacrificed!?

Pretty decent game but I would really appreciate a mute button.

Altriak responds:

Thanks, I added one under the spellbook.