Reviews for "Raven's Horse Dream"

Nice movie.
thank you for your work!

Good animation, but could have gone much wilder

It's good, however, the animation is, somehow not yet to the point where you can call it excellent. But good job though. Oh, don't mind me, i'm on the wrong side of the internet again.

for some reason I can not help but think of the song, 'horse with no name' when I see a horse with no main.

It was pretty okay. Was expecting the final version to be a bit less one sided tbh. Especially if intended to be a dream. Unless it was a shoddy one ofc xP

Had some random pose hiccups, even if presented as a "dream" to explain it. Which did end up looking a bit derp. Overall though, the designs are pretty good. Motions are quite fluid. Nicely expressive. Though, Raven should really have labia that match her skin color, and not just have the same inside color as outside...

But, all and all, its above average. Sound is at a pretty good volume as well.