Reviews for "Wrong Turn"

Nice! I really like this 2D turnbased dungeon game with this rouge-like feel to it ^_^ The pixel artstyle is very nice too. All the enemies were unique and interesting and the laid out traps were sometimes also quite tricky.
Everything about this awesome, but I feel like it has a pretty long pause between your turn and the enemies'. Reducing that pause a bit would definitely speed up the pace of the game for the better ;)
I also like how you stated that you took your time for the game until it was fully finished and enjoyable. I feel like this is one crucial aspect that many new game creators/animators on here forget and they tend to post low-quality projects that you can only watch/play for roughly 20 seconds probably and those end up getting blamed and the creators behind those usually feel like giving up. Good thing that you're following the right, amazing path xD

Also, seeing that you're planning on creating a team of people, I wouldn't mind joining that... I've been on a search for like a collaboration team myself and... yeah xD

FacemanFoothand responds:

Thank you for taking the time to play. Good feedback on increasing the pace of the game as well, I really appreciate it!

I am glad you enjoyed the game. I have responded to your pm as well!