Reviews for "Wrong Turn"

Interesting game. I liked the pixel art and sound a lot, but the animation is kind of lacking. I don't really understand if the point of the game was to avoid the reaps to move on to the next level, or to attack the monsters in the room. For some reason, I was unable to attack creatures. Other than that, I wish the game moved faster for the player vs the enemies. The HUD icons and information were also a little confusing. Good work so far.

FacemanFoothand responds:

You can only attack monsters without taking damage if you have a higher attack. You get more attack by collecting swords throughout the levels!

Good input on the HUD, in the future I will look at ways to make my HUDs cleaner.

Thank you for playing!

Veyr simple rogue-like-ish game! Only suggestion would be that pacing can be a bit sluggish, would have rather than the enemies make their move simultaneously with your move as most roguelikes do. But some very nice polish!

FacemanFoothand responds:

It seems to be the general consensus that I should've streamlined the turns by having simultaneous actions from the player and enemies. If I re-release the game that will definitely be one of the first features I add.

Thank you for playing, and the constructive criticism!

Wow dude, this is really amazing for your first game if it is.
My first game was absolute poop. And still most are quite bad.

I liked the connection between the title and the game play: "taking the wrong turn can kill me. "This makes the game stand out among other games.

I also liked how there come new obstacles as you progress through the dungeon.
The alien, slime then the ant and the GOLEM! Although the game is about progressing through the dungeon, I actually found it more enjoyable to kill monsters.
Would have wished killing them made me stronger. Maybe you could add a leveling system to your character, where each kill provides stats to upgrade your hiker? e.g. speed, strength.
especially if you follow the suggestions to remove the turn waittime.
Also wanted to buy something with the coins. Perhaps you could make it so that you can buy armor/ weaponry with the coins?

From the description I get that you wanted to complete a full game.
Well nicely done, with the well polished art and music it truly seems like a fully finished product.

FacemanFoothand responds:

Wow, thank you so much! You have no idea how much that means to a beginning dev like myself! The game was originally planned to be done with after release, but from all the positive comments and great criticism, I am considering doing a re-release in the future with a much more fleshed out game!

Thank you for playing, and thank you for the great review!

Good work overall. Nice music and look to it.

FacemanFoothand responds:

Thanks for playing!

This would be much better if the enemies took their turn at the same time as the player. Still calculate their turn after the player gives input, but make them move while the player is moving. This would speed up game-play significantly.

FacemanFoothand responds:

Thanks for the feedback! That would definitely change the pace of the game for sure. It would be quicker but would have to be reworked quite a bit to be implemented properly.

In the future projects that use turn-based systems I will definitely keep this feedback in mind, thanks!