Reviews for "Gaz x Zim | Short (18+)"

as a connoisseur and enthusiast of this area, I believe you have been the first person on the entire internet to make an Invader Zim porn animation video that has sound, congratulations man :)

after years of waiting, finally someone did!

The art and animation is pretty fluid. The sound effects were okay.
I don't know if there was actually any 'music'... I heard nothing, if there was any.
A bit disappointed that there are no moans on her side; even if it's just a sharp intake of a breath or trying to hide a moan, especially when she seems to start enjoying it.
I do agree, though, that there's no point in repeating the entire 30+ second animation for the sake of credits.

I am disgusted... yet intrigued...

Let's be real for just a second;

1. Guy cums in 35 seconds, really?

2. It is pointless to make the video 1 minute & 47 seconds long when half of it is a repetition of
the video howbeit with credits.

3. No moans, and no audio whatsoever for the girl, which, of course, is a little disappointing.

4. Music choice didn't quite suit the video, something a little more sensual would make sense
considering the context of how it was played out.

5. I don't think any girl reaches climax in 35 seconds either.

Verdict: 3.5 / 5

The animation is actually pretty good overall, just incredibly underwhelming in duration and pacing. Lack of audio for the girl makes it less interesting and can be a turn-off. If this were a GIF it wouldn't have made much difference. I think most of the mistakes in this video was in the editing and post animation works, as stated in numerical points above. At face value however, it would probably deserve much better than how I let on. Either way, a job well done.

Nice smooth animation Great concept but a few issues. One here facial expressions compared to her sounds is dull. Some moans of pleasure or at least some breathing. Would be nice at least. Having that makes her at least feel more well-fixed instead of a mime acting out those sounds. All and all it's a well-made Animation. I enjoyed your work; I'll think about joining your petreon because I believe you will make great... "Things" Please keep working :3.