Reviews for "Gaz x Zim | Short (18+)"


woow, that must feel amazing. i wouldn't be able to concentrate on my game either


as a connoisseur and enthusiast of this area, I believe you have been the first person on the entire internet to make an Invader Zim porn animation video that has sound, congratulations man :)

after years of waiting, finally someone did!

The art and animation is pretty fluid. The sound effects were okay.
I don't know if there was actually any 'music'... I heard nothing, if there was any.
A bit disappointed that there are no moans on her side; even if it's just a sharp intake of a breath or trying to hide a moan, especially when she seems to start enjoying it.
I do agree, though, that there's no point in repeating the entire 30+ second animation for the sake of credits.