Reviews for "No One Asks Me Out Anymore : Foamy The Squirrel"

soon we will go the way of the panda

See, THIS is why I haven't asked anyone out for anything in... holy, I think the last time I asked someone out, the year started with a NINETEEN.

... no, no, that's not true, I think I asked someone out around the 2003-2005 period. And was rejected, all the same, but I was told it had nothing to do with me and everything to do with the person having JUST broken up with someone else like, less than a week prior.

Then again, it might help if I was at least certain on my own GENDER these days...

who needs relationships anymore when u have dateing site / tinder and instagram or snapchat ;)

part of a reason why she couldn't get flirted back at the coffee shop with the one barista is because it's bloody awkward for most employees. it's happened to me once and I couldn't really respond to it as I had other things to worry about while on the clock

It makes me happy that Foamy is still around and still as good as ever!