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Reviews for "Little Knight"

I feel like I'm playing as a mid-evil version of those helmet guys from the mega man series XD great game BTW! <3

Great Idea!
I just don't like the fact that if you miss a jump you have to walk back to the beginning wall just to get back to the gem or door

Amazing idea.
Finally a super easy platformer, with not arrows keys, aswd and many other keys for switching weapons and attacking. No just 2 keys.
Like the mechanic where you bounce back upon hitting a wall!

Some frustration solving gameplay finetunes:
Make pressing (R) restart the level.
Make pressing (P) pause the game.

Some gameplay fun increasing finetunes:
Make it possible to jump again when you hit a wall, this feels like a possibility but isn't.
Make it possible to jump against a platform and use it as a wall, did this sometimes felt possible, but didn't bounce back.

Like how the shell becomes black when it dies.
All in all great job on this game.

Good start. The wall direction change is an interesting mechanic. The art was good, the animation is good, but the music and level design need a little work in my opinion. An easter egg somewhere in the game would be neat, Medals would also be good. Really mediocre, but with some more personality, this game could really rock.

I really like what you did here, the idea is really simple, but with great level design you can make it as complex as you want.