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Reviews for "Little Knight"

It's such a great idea to make jump work only in 80% cases in a game where
missed jump = death (it's not)

Very promising at the beginning but fails to deliver in the end.

The biggest problem here is that a game exists on NG called Dandy Cave Explorer (DCE for short). It is clear that you were inspired by the game since Little Knight is very similar to DCE.

When you use the idea / style of another game the main question is how you can improve the already existing game?

My major problem with the game is level design.

Level design is the most important point since it makes or breaks these types of games.
DCE has very tight levels usually consisting of a single screen and there is very good reason for that.

Creating small levels means that you need to be creative if you want to challenge the player. I got the feeling while playing your game that your later levels concentrated not on skill but on timing. You win or lose a level based on WHEN you start moving. It felt that you designed levels around the position of the player at a given point of time. In other worlds if you started the level too early or too late you will encounter a fireball or a bat which you cannot avoid so you fail the level. This design does not challenge the player's platforming skill, it renders the whole game into a trial and error experience. It is no longer about perfecting jumps but finding out how long I need to wait so that I will be in an optimal position later during the level.

Another gripe is how you are not free to control your character I feel. There were a lot of cases where I wanted to turn back using the edge of a single-unit tall platform (don't know how to phrase it) but even if I hit the side of the platform it did not turn me back. It repositioned me under or over the platform.

Smaller points:

- 10 levels are not enough
- as other said a PAUSE and a RESTART button are very much missing
- no ending, just back on the level selection screen. Just give us a sentence man (Congrats, you completed your quest etc.)
-- music is a bit monotone after a few levels

I really liked the art. The controls are responsive. The difficulty curve is quite good, nothing impossible but provides some challenge.

All in all it is a good game but you NEED to improve on the "predecessor". I know it is hard, Dandy Cave is an absolute masterpiece.

This game is very fun and challenging. It really makes you think on your toes! The music is nice, the little character is adorable, and the stage layouts are beautiful.

Pretty polished experience for this type of game, but I feel like something is holding it back. I tried to think about it carefully to offer constructive criticism. I think level 6 is an example: there's nothing horribly *wrong* with it, but the flow of it is just a little clunkier than you might want.

Some examples:
- The first few platforms are pointless. You reverse directions a couple times with no need to press anything and no way to go faster.
- The second part with the snake is fine, but after you get the crystal you just watch yourself retrace your steps for a while. A ceiling block that let you reverse direction sooner would help.
- The third section is the same: lots of retracing your steps on the way back down.
- Throughout, the fireball thrower on the bottom level is a bit luck-based. You don't control your exact location, so you can either get easy jumps or difficult/impossible ones based on random minor factors.

I'm not a master game designer or anything, but that was my experience as a player. It's not an awful game by any means, it just didn't *quite* work.

Nice little game. Pretty polished. It feels very retro which is nice. The idea is not particularly original, but it was a decent brief play.