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Reviews for "Little Knight"

The game is pretty OK, but it felt a little bland after the few maps. I was waiting for some new content, but nothing came. No new enemies, no moving platforms, no powerups, no nothing.

Sooo to make it fun I used my something-something (some may call it cheating) and played the game with SUPA-JUMP. (If you pause the game you can queue up jumps, making the next jump after the unpause a Mega-Jump.) It was really useful for the latter maps, and it provided a great challange, how much of the map I can skip.

Overall the game needs some content, some polishing, but the aesthetics are OK, so is the music. Keep it up!

The game is very simple and feels like a rather okay ludum dare

It has potential but the lag is unbearable.

This is a game that screams Ludum Dare all over it. From the quirky control scheme to the 8-bit aesthetic and music to the short (10 level) design. And yet, regardless of whether or not this was made in two days, it really feels like it was. The jumping mechanic is unreliable, and the controls are overall not that great.

Plenty of one button games already exist, and none of them have ever needed an attacking mechanic. In this game it doesn't feel like it enhances the game, rather it's a kind of gimmick. In some cases I noticed the sword actually extended the vulnerability hitbox and so attacking an enemy was causing me to die. The run/jump button was also weird. In some cases you could wait a second or two before starting the level to throw enemies out of sync, but other than that, having a button to run was pretty pointless. The jumping and bouncing was something I've seen in games before (Pix n Love Rush, for instance) and the "collect two, get to finish" goal for this game was not a particularly new or clever implementation of that idea.

Overall this game is beyond forgettable. Controls are meh and level design is meh.

I don't know if you care or not, but theres a website that pirates our games off of here. If you wanna report it, heres the link http://www.arcadespot.com/game/the-little-knight/