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Reviews for "Little Knight"

I really like the concept. The controls are a bit annoying, but overall an entertaining original piece.

I really didn't like this one. The whole can't turn around unless he bumps into the wall is just a timewaster.

It's pretty good, but you should be more careful with the level design.
Often there are situations where you need certain timing at the end of a level, and if you didn't get it right you're screwed. These timing puzzles would be acceptable for really small levels, but for these levels it got kinda frustrating. It would be better if there was some way to control the timing before obstacles like this (like small pits to trap the player).
It would also be nice if you were able to hold the jump button to 'hop' around. It can prevent button mashing when landing on small platforms.
Overall it's pretty good, and I liked the music. I hope to see a longer version of this game with more content (more enemies, bosses...).

nice work

Pretty solid game, but it got boring and repetitive after a while. While two button games are pretty fun, they have to have something to them people play more than 10 minutes of it.

Design was solid for the most part, except for some maps that had spikes in weird locations.

I would be fine with tight spots if the jumping felt more fluid. Platformers should never only have one jump height in my opinion. You should be able to hold for higher jumps and just quickly tap for lower jumps, it adds more variety and strategy, and can open up new ways to finish a level (and add some sweet special stages).

No glitches that broke the game that I found, so props to you on that.

That's it, good game tho pretty fun for a couple of minutes.