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Reviews for "Super Grower"

This game is a real shower. Obvious jokes aside, the game is properly complex and rewarding (although the blue bullets can feel a bit cheap).

Fun game in concept! I feel the difficulty is a bit eh, but it's a fun time wasting game if you like a good challenge!

Addictive, kinda smart, has tolerable relaxy-ish soundtracks, which are not annoying despite being quite repetative.
Overall, deserves some recognition.)

good game but edible enemies need to stop shooting.

getting shot by the thing you're moving towards is, though avoidable, a bad design choice imo.

boy, where to start with this one:
-the trophys are broken
-it's pretty laggy.
-the hitboxes are kinda broken
-the visuals are mediocre, and still lag the game.
-you can't change or mute the music.
-this game is NOT a shooter, is a bullet hell, so it should go on the skill section
-there IS potential in this game. is just not used at all.
-and finally that ending was satisfactory as fuck