Reviews for "Super Grower"

This game is very difficult at times but not to the point where you would rage at it and never play it again and this game is now COMPLETED

This game is really addicting and frustrating!!!! If I had more time, I would finish it.

Great job bye the way, I have an attention span of like 0 so this got me hooked!

MrNannings responds:

Thanks! Good to hear you had a great time with it!

And here's another good one! Level 32 and 35 might've been a bit above their level, but otherwise the difficulty feels progressive, the obstacles varied; especially the final two levels were big blocks of fun. :) Those triangles aaargh. For a while really had some trouble with those...

Once again you manage to make a thoroughly enjoyable game out of a simple idea! The colors. The mechanics. All good fun; just the right amount of challenge.


Very nice game. Very enjoyable feel as if level 32 should be rated higher as the difficulty was a insane jump then decreased.

from lvl 12 and above,it'll be a pain in the ass,but i noticed when i eat the yellow dot on lvl 15 and 24 (probably),i'll directly die,would you like to fix this?
also,good game,lad!