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Reviews for "Super Grower"

nanings good job

I would have voted higher if it hadn't have been for the fact the pellets often spawned in areas that were literally unobtainable, thus forcing a death. Otherwise a fun game with a good difficulty level

My favourite levels were 19 39 and 40, fun game

challenging :o

Great game, challenging as well. I did not experience most of the issues listed below, beat all 40 levels in about 30-45 minutes. Not sure what a mobil mouse is, i'm using a normal wired mouse, unless the user below was using a trackpad (this is not a game for trackpad, you have been warned).
My only criticism of the entire game is that the triangles shots need to be limited to less trail time. Either they need to dissapear faster, or, let the shots continue to track, but limit the "tail" to only 3 lengths.

Other than that, a fun and challenging game! Well done!!