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Reviews for "Super Grower"



gret game man. thank you

Game hard,interesting,and achivements or (medals) :)

I've seen games that covered this concept much better than this one.

Controls of this game are ok, but the size of the window is annoyingly small to play on high resolutions.
The spawn is not only random, but also not well solved. Oftentimes I had to just kill myself, because I got an impossible spawn. For example there was no way I could have fitted through the turret due to the size of my cube or sometimes it spawned even inside one of stationary turrets.
Levels 37 and 38 demonstrated this game's design problems most perfectly. The pink triangles encircled the yellow dot and you're screwed, because you needed to either kys or wait before you could take that. But then you could have ended up trapped anyway.
And the bullet shooting was another problem. I had to kill all these thingies... But then boom, homing missiles have so huge hit rect! Not only they spawn like 20 pixels away from the turret, they also spawn under the turret, meaning when they are at one place, they're invisible. And if that wasn't bad enough, you also need to watch out in corners, some out of bounds bullet that didn't get eliminated may find you.
As for the music, I find it slightly annoying due to the repetitiveness, but that's my taste.

This game is amazing! The challenge combined with the unique ideas totally works!