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Reviews for "Super Grower"

fantastic. reminds me of something I made in a coding club. simple but incredibly fun

I liked this game, I enjoyed how as the levels progressed, they became harder but as you get bigger and eat things, it makes levels become easier but harder.

This game is presented ok, and does about as much as can be done with its simple concept. I quite liked how the tutorial did not require any words to communicate. However, it has a huge flaw which severely holds it back:

The seeking projectiles from the blue squares last forever, and while the pink triangle's projectiles last very long and can very quickly cover a significant chunk of the screen.
This encourages one of two playstyles depending on how long these enemies are going to last:
If they are small, then the player is encouraged to quickly grow and eliminate the enemies before they can deny too much space, whereas if they are large, then the player is encouraged to play slowly and methodically in order to force the projectiles into a cluster and minimize the amount of space that is denied.
This piece of smart design is completely wrecked by the randomly spawning yellow squares, which you need to grow. They can spawn just about anywhere, including right on top of one of the pink lines, forcing you to wait for it to despawn, or right next to an orange square or group of shooty enemies, which completely wrecks both of the above strategies by forcing you into a risky situation and interrupting your projectile management long enough for something to kill you.

TL;DR: Shit spawns can kill a run.

This could be fixed fairly simply by testing out the levels more thoroughly and restricting the places where the yellow squares can spawn.

Apart from this, the difficulty curve was kinda iffy, with hard levels sometimes being followed by significantly easier levels or vice-versa, with the biggest example of this being level 29, which was both so easy and unoriginal that I got bored in the short time it took for me to beat it.

Overall, the game is ok, but it would have been so much better with more thorough testing and polishing.

EDIT: Also, I just noticed this, but why is it classed as a shooter? You don't do any shooting at all. If anything, this game would fit more in the skill - collect category. In fact, pretty much the only tag that fits this game is 2d. You should probably do something about that, since it's kinda false advertising.

really simple but so fun to play

awesome, love it