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Reviews for "Super Grower"

Very simple and addictive game. You will surely not beat this one on your first try, as the levels get more and more challenging as you advance. Soundtrack is fairly good, is up to the game's mood, though it gets a little repetitive after a while. I felt some levels were easier than their subsequent but just like in many other games i've played. A second part would be very welcome with some minor adjustments in the soundtrack and maybe more some more levels or a level editor could be a great addition, but it's up to the game's creator to study (or not) those possibilities and see what (s)he sees fit.

Liked it lots! The pink bastards were initially hard, but then I changed my tactics from imitating "Snake" and minimizing the space they were allowed to move - to collecting the dots quick enough for it not to expand. The only thing that could be better are more unique sound effects etc when finishing opponents, but it's great anyway. Fav'ed!

Great game, but the pink triangles are OP(not even mentioning the impossible yellow block placing, often due to triangles). Level 35 was impossible, and the rest that followed were super easy. Besides that, the game was amazing.

Sometimes the yellow dots spawn inside the triangles but great game other than that!

zoom out a little but leave a border we cant pass so that a) we can see the missiles that go off screen and b) so that our guy doesn't stop when our mouse exits the border.
Game didn't restart when I died instantly and I had to refresh. I would suggest that you put the yellow dots at a safe enough distance from enemies on levels like 26.
Great game. Just wanted to point those out.